Givwel NPO

A branding exercise for a fictitious NPO, Givwel is a well and water charity centered around the idea of building a well one brick (donation) at a time.

This is a branding exercise for a fictitious NPO (non profit organization) named Givwel. Givwel is a well and water charity that is focused specifically on bringing water and ultimately wells to various African villages and communities. It is aimed at young, casual charity participants. People who won't think twice about tossing a couple bucks  in a bell ringers bucket or donating to a local charity. Individuals that may not have the resources to go and personally dig a well but still feel the need to contribute. I wanted a clean, crisp logo with minimal colors and virtually zero texture. The campaign is image free to avoid the "guilt trip" approach and relies solely on type color and vector to convey the very specific message.
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